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Celebrating a Storybook Year – November

November, as you might expect, was mostly about celebrating family and giving thanks. However, we weren’t quite finished yet with falling leaves, forests, or pumpkins. How could we be?

We saw Rebecca Estelle make a celebration out of a calamity in “Too many pumpkins” and ran an inspiring pumpkin-laden race from Melbourne to Sydney in “The Pumpkin Runner” We read about feeling thankful and giving thanks – for friends, for family, for simple joys – in wonderful and warm-hearted books like “Bear Says Thanks”, “A Hat for Mrs. Goldman”, “Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed”, “Thankful” and “The Secret of Saying Thanks.”

We celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday along with “Goody O’Grumpity, “A Cranberry Thanksgiving”, “Sharing the Bread”, and “The Memory Cupboard”…and we were caught off guard by a whimsical and thoroughly delightful twist on the holiday in “Turkey for Thanksgiving”. We also learned a bit more about the history of the holiday – not the story of the pilgrims, but more recent developments. We read “Thank you, Sarah” about Sarah Josepha Hale whose tireless efforts over five presidential administrations eventually convinced Abraham Lincoln to make Thanksgiving a national holiday, and “Balloons Over Broadway” about how puppeteer Tony Sarg’s helium balloons forever changed the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

There were other notable selection this month as well, as there always are. There was “Passing the Music Down” about preserving Appalachian folk music traditions (based on the lives of fiddlers Melvin Wine and Jake Krack), “Strictly No Elephants” – a charming story about celebrating differences, and “Before Morning” which is a sweet and comforting story about a mother and airline pilot who gets a free weekend home with her family because of a surprise snow storm.

As we worked our way through the month, we were also reminded by author and illustrator Jim LaMarche that “Winter is Coming”. And on that note, we look ahead to December…