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Day 71 – Chewy Louie

For anyone who has ever owned a puppy, “Chewy Louie” by Howie Schneider will sound very familiar. It is a cautionary parable that becomes a tale of hope, patience, and redemption – and Mr. Schneider’s illustrations of the goofy, exuberantly destructive little puppy of the title are certain to put a smile on your face.Louie

The story is narrated by a young boy whose father brings Louie home one day. Louie is a diminutive black puppy who loves to chew…on everything. He eats all the food his new family puts in his bowl, and then he eats the bowl. He chews up toys, headboards, the back porch, and the veterinarian’s office. He runs off the construction crew hired to repair the house as well as two dog trainers with diametrically opposed approaches to curing Louie of his obsession with chewing. Eventually, the entire family has reached the end of its rope and has resigned themselves to the fact that they will have to part with their Tasmanian devil of a dog…until Louie plays one last game of catch and actually returns the stick without chewing it at all! It seems Louie was just going through a phase – he’s all better now because “he’s not a puppy anymore.”

Every page of this book is littered with pictures of Louie’s handiwork…there are chunks missing from just about everything you can think of. No bites are taken out of the people around Louie – but their clothes, canes, and guitars are not safe. Mr. Schneider’s depiction of Louie’s protruding teeth and pink tongue, his frantically wagging tail, and the almost drunken look of satisfaction on his face in some scenes are quite amusing – especially in contrast to the various looks of horror, astonishment, anger, or even resignation on the faces of the people around him.

It’s a really fun book to read and to look at – and best of all, it gives us a little glimmer of hope that one day our puppies will stop chewing our house.