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Celebrating a Storybook Year – July

In July we had a few more (literary) trips to the seashore, and we enjoyed some old favorites all over again. However, with Independence Day on the 4th, this month was mostly about history…especially the history of our country’s founding.

We read about the American revolution, the Declaration of Independence, our constitution, and our national anthem. We traveled around the country to find the ingredients for a cherry pie, crossed the great plains in a Conestoga wagon, went on an adventure in the Wild West, and delivered books to poor families in Depression-era Appalachia. We also met a boatload of fascinating women from American history, including some we might not otherwise have thought of, like Lizzie Murphy the “Queen of Baseball”, bicyclist Tillie “The Terrible Swede” Anderson, and modernist photographer Imogen Cunningham.

Meanwhile, the piles of amazing new books were overflowing our bookshelves and continuing to grow around us…