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Day 125 – The Little Fire Engine

In honor of National Firefighter’s Day on May 4, we read “The Little Fire Engine” by Lois Lenski. Originally published in 1946, this vintage picture book manages to maintain a timeless appeal. With a straightforward story, simple but colorful illustrations, and a fire engine (!), it certainly grabbed the attention of our youngest during story time.engine

Fireman Small is the fire chief of Tiny Town. When the alarm bell rings (“ding-ding! ding-ding-ding!”), he springs into action to save the day! He loads up his pumper truck and races off to the fire (“nang-nang-nang” goes the bell, “ooo-o-WEEE-ooo-oo-o-o” goes the siren). When they arrive at the fire, the firemen unload the hose, and put out the fire…but not before Fireman Small rescues a little girl and her cat from an upstairs window!

It’s a good old-fashioned story, with just the right amount of suspense and heroics to keep little listeners engaged. I love the old-school feel of the illustrations as well. Even for big kids, there’s something compelling about firetrucks and firemen – it’s a can’t-miss combination…and “The Little Fire Engine” was definitely a hit for us!