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Day 147 – Go, Little Green Truck

I like trucks – especially classic pickup trucks – and today’s storybook must have seen me coming a mile away. When I saw the snazzy cover illustration with the bright green pickup truck, I was a sitting duck. I had to pick it up – and I am glad I did. “Go, Little Green Truck” by Roni Schotter and illustrated by Julia Kuo is a cute story (and a beautiful book) about family, redemption…and farmer’s markets.

little greenWhether he is hauling food and livestock around the farm, or running errands to the post office and grocery store, Little Green is about as proud as a little truck can be. Every day he works hard to help Farmer Gray and his family…until one morning Farmer Gray brings home a brand new truck – Big Blue. The Gray family farm is growing, and Farmer Gray is proud of his big new truck, which can take on even bigger jobs that Little Green could handle. Little Green is retired, and left in the meadow to rust.

Missing Little Green one afternoon, Fern Gray – Farmer Gray’s daughter – walks out to find the abandoned truck and curls up in his bed with her cat. When her father and mother find her, Fern suggests that they use Little Green to haul vegetables to the farmers market; Big Blue, she says, is too big and bumpy for the city streets. The family works together to clean Little Green, and Fern even paints some animals, foods, and flowers on him. Everybody at the farmers market loves Little Green, and he starts to feel better and better because, well, now Farmer Gray always uses Little Green for his smaller, gentler jobs, while Big Blue gets the heavier ones. Everyone has their role on the Gray farm, and everyone is happy!

We really enjoyed this story. We appreciated the focus on family, the idea of shopping at the farmer’s market for food fresh from the fields, and (of course) the trucks. Despite my affinity for the trucks, I think our oldest actually was this book’s biggest fan. She really loved the illustrations – which have a pleasing combination of vibrant colors, clean lines, and a style that is rather unique. Two (green) thumbs up!