How It Works

Step 1: Gather a month’s worth of books in a basket

Step 2: Gather a month’s worth of envelopes, numbered for each date of the month

Step 3: Put one book title in each envelope

Step 4: Draw or buy a calendar to mark off the dates

Step 5: Once a day (we like to do this after dinner) read the calendar and ask your little person to find the corresponding date on the appropriate envelope

Step 6: Open the envelope to discover the day’s book and read the book together

Step 7: At the end of the day cross the date off the calendar so the calendar will be ready for the next day

Step 8: Repeat

For your planning purposes, here is a link to download a 2016 calendar with the standard dates and days numbered 1 – 366.

If you are a HKG mom and would like to trade/borrow a month’s worth of books, please message me on BigTent.

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