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Celebrating a Storybook Year – March

If we thought we had a lot of special days in February, we hit the jackpot in March. This Month we didn’t just have a “foine bundle o’ books” for St. Patrick’s Day!

There was Dr. Smarcheuss’s Birthday (!), Dentist’s Day, Pi Day, and Albert Einstein’s Birthday, National Doctor Day, and the anniversary of the Eiffel Tower’s opening. Oh – and let’s not forget the beginning of spring and a very early Easter! It was a veritable Easter basket full of special days…in what we normally don’t think of as a holiday month!

Celebrating a Storybook Year – February

February was an entertaining month…and because of leap year we got one extra day of reading aloud (bonus!). It was still winter (or as close as we get to it around these parts) and we were geared up tofebruary8-3 celebrate Valentine’s Day. What we didn’t expect was how reading for other special days during the month – Groundhog day, Lincoln’s birthday, and President’s day – led us to read several books we might not otherwise have picked up!

But wait…there’s more!


Celebrating a Story Book Year – January

Wowjanuary8-2! Where has this year gone! We’ve been quiet on the blog for a while, but we never stopped in our goal of reading aloud a unique picture book every day – and this holiday season we are feeling particularly grateful for all of the wonderful suggestions we received from friends and contacts, and all the amazing picture books we have discovered during the year.

January was a great month, full of anticipation and excitement about what we were planning to accomplish this year. There are some great books here – but what strikes me most is how we started pulling from our own shelf for these books…and eventually ended up with a house full of (literally) piles of brand new books and a list of library books we have checked out that might reach to the moon and back!

In celebration of our Storybook Year, we are going to be posting more collages here, and (as time allows :)) we will also be posting reviews of some of our favorites from each of the last several months. Be sure to check out our feed on Instagram, and stay tuned there for a holiday giveaway coming soon!