The Road Home

‘This road is hard, this road is long,
but we are not alone.
For you are here, and I’m with you,
and so this road is home.’

Among the many wonderful books we read during November this Storybook Year, one in particular stood out to us for its elegant combination of poetic, comforting prose and exquisite watercolor landscapes. Released in the UK on September 8, 2016 “The Road Home” by Katie Cotton with illustrations by Sarah Jacoby is a beautiful meditation on the connection between parent and child which reminds us that no matter how challenging the road to our destination, as long as we are together we are home.

In the book we see woodland animals preparing their young for the approaching winter: the soreness in your wings from the long and tiring flight south to warmer climes, the burning hunger that settles like a stone as you hunt for prey, or the aching in your paws as you gather straw and leaves to build a safe place to rest until spring. Throughout, Ms. Cotton’s rhyming, rhythmic text makes for a particularly pleasing read aloud experience, and her message is a timeless and reassuring one which may be particularly well suited to bed time. Meanwhile, Ms. Jacoby’s muted, dreamlike paintings do an outstanding job of not only conveying the difficulty of the “road ahead” but also the connection between parent and child that makes that road home.

While not yet available in the US (at least at the time of this post), “The Road Home” can be found on Amazon UK or can be acquired at The Book Depository…or through our Instagram giveaway. I think it is a book you that you will treasure and will want to have as part of your collection forever.

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