Day 179 – Island Boy


“Island Boy” is another charming tale of historical fiction from one of our favorite author/illustrators, Barbara Cooney.

Matthais is born on Tibbets Island, Maine and his life is inextricably tied to the sea. After traveling the world as a young man, he returns to the island to marry his sweetheart and raise a family. The story crosses generations, sprinkles in some Maine history, and also includes a fascinating map in the back for children and parents alike to pore over. The ending is a little bit sad, but the book is as charming and beautiful as you would expect from Ms. Cooney. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

2 Responses to Day 179 – Island Boy

  1. sddobrodt says:

    Thank you for sharing a Barbara Cooney book. She’s also one of my favorites and any picture book about Maine is always special!


    • astorybookyear says:

      Thank you for the nice comment. We feel the same way about her books and about picture books of Maine in general. One Morning in Maine is an all-time favorite of ours. We hope to visit some day!

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