Day 118 – Who Likes Rain?

Who likes rain? With April showers in full swing, we found ourselves asking – and answering – that question while reading “Who Likes Rain” by Wong Hebert Yee. Mr. Lee’s book is a rhyming and rollicking good time that makes entertaining use of onomatopoeia, keeps readers engaged with the repeated question “Who Likes Rain?” and provides a very satisfying ending…at least from the perspective of some younger listeners.who likes rain

Filled with Mr. Yee’s colorful soft-focus illustrations, the book follows a little girl who, rather than despondently sitting at home and asking “Who Likes Rain?”, decides to don her raincoat and, boots and head out into the downpour to find out first-hand. The rain pit-pit-pits on windowpanes, ping-ping-pings on awnings, and tum-tum-tums on umbrellas as the little girl watches cats scat, frogs hop, and worms squirm. She decides that the neighbor’s dog doesn’t like rain, nor does papa’s truck, but ducks clearly do. Eventually, as the rain clears, it occurs to the little girl that there is one more creature who may like rain most of all…as she – KER-SPLAT – jumps right into one of the puddles left behind.

We had a lot of fun reading this relatively simple picture book. There’s some information here about how the real world works – but the best part was the way in which the rhymes hinted at who, on the very next page, was going to like rain. It was infectious enough that mommy couldn’t help but call out the answer before I could turn some of the pages. Big smiles all around!

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