Day 116 – If You Were a Penguin

Although we hardly need an excuse to fit in a book about penguins, April 25th was World Penguin Day…so, what did we do? Read a book about penguins, of course! “If You Were a Penguin” by Wendell and Florence Minor, our choice to help celebrate a day which I believe ought to be a national holiday, is a simple but adorable poem spread over 32 colorfully illustrated pages.penguin

“If You Were a Penguin” is entertainment that also manages to inform – introducing the listener to several different breeds of penguin, some typical penguin behaviors, and the different habitats where penguins may be found. The rhyming prose makes this book a delight to read aloud – and the simplicity of the prose makes it a fairly quick read as well…something that’s nice to have available from time to time. Plus: penguins!

In conclusion, I respectfully submit that the more books about penguins you can add to your read-aloud calendar, the better (100% of fathers writing reviews on this blog agree with me). “If You Were a Penguin” is a great place to start.

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