Day 106 – Swatch

In a place where colors ran wild, there lived a girl who was wilder still…and “Swatch” by Julia Denos is her story. Swatch is a color tamer – and she LOVES color – from in-between gray to rumble-tumble pink. However, even Swatch must be reminded sometimes that no matter how docile they may seem, colors are wild animals at heart and they must be allowed to fly free if you truly want to create a masterpiece. 

“Swatch” is a joyful and wonderfully creative celebration of color. It is also an inspiring story and a fabulous showcase for Ms. Denos’ artwork.Swatch We first fell in love with her work in Margaret Cardillo’s “Just Being Audrey”, where the drawings conveyed a charm, grace and style that fit the subject perfectly. In “Swatch”, the exuberance, energy, and expressiveness of her illustrations are equally fitting. Swatch dances through the pages of the book with abandon, accompanied by brash strokes of color splashed across every page. The way the brush strokes flow, moving your eye across the pages and through the story with Swatch, is truly masterful! We have been looking forward to reading this book together ever since we saw a picture of the cover on Ms. Denos’ Web site several weeks back. We were not disappointed – the book is just as much fun on the inside as the cover implies it will be. I am delighted to have this one as part of our collection – the artwork alone makes this a book we will want to pick up and page through again and again. It’s eye candy with a charming story thrown in for good measure – a fantastic book that is a perfect fit for World Art Day.

P.S. you can read more about Ms. Denos and her work at her Web site, and you can download a Swatch coloring sheet by clicking here.

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