Day 105 – The Library

This evening we read another selection in honor of National Library Week, with a little bit of poetry (for National Poetry Month!) tossed in for good measure. “The Library” by Sarah Stewart and David Small is a breezy and poetic gem of a book produced by the same pair that brought us “The Gardener“. It tells the story of incurable bibliophile (or biblio-addict) Elizabeth Brown, how she eventually finds a way to share her obsession with her town, and how doing so makes everyone better off – including Elizabeth. The tale is told in flowing, rhyming verse that is a joy to read aloud, and Mr. Small’s illustrations – as they did in “The Gardner” – add undeniable heart and humor to what is already a great story.51SPXi4SiZL

“The Library” is another book which I think is fair to judge by its cover. Looking at the picture of a woman with her face buried in a book while pulling a wagon full of books down the street, I knew we were going to love this one; as a family, we have too much in common with Ms. Brown not to enjoy it! There is something so compelling and comforting to us about the thought of simply spending our lives reading as Ms. Brown does. There was also more than one scene in the book where I thought the story could have been based on our oldest daughter…and those illustrations! Whether you are celebrating libraries, looking for some playful rhyming verse, or just have a desire for a fun read aloud experience, you won’t go wrong with “The Library”.

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