Day 49 – One Morning in Maine

We are big fans of Robert McCloskey. Several of the books on our favorites list are McCloskey books, including tonight’s selection: “One Morning in Maine”One Morning in Maine. In fact, this story about Sal and her loose tooth may be tops on my McCloskey list – not just because of his always-excellent illustrations but for the way in which he lets us in on the inner workings of a little girl’s mind – as we have noted on our Favorites page. Since reading the book tonight, inspired by Sal, our youngest has continued to regale us with questions about which animals do or don’t have teeth (…”do loons have teeth, mama?”…”do seals have teeth?”)

We first discovered this magnificent and magical picture book many years ago when looking for reality-based stories we could read with our first daughter. We have read it countless times since then. Whether you are looking for a reality-based story, a story that conveys a sense of wonder, or simply a book with beautiful artwork, “One Morning in Maine” is an excellent choice, and a book any family with young children should have in their home library.

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