Day 42- Huge Harold

Bill Peet’s “Huge Harold” Haroldstarts out as a very small rabbit with feet that are two times too big for a rabbit of his size – a “sign” says his father, that Harold will grow to “great height”…and boy, does he! Based on the illustrations, Harold appears to be all of ten feet tall and about as awkward as can be. Now, it ain’t easy for a rabbit of this size to hide out…from hungry predators or from well-armed farmers. However, in the end, Harold finds his true calling as a carriage horse – and eventually champion trotter – in the stables of the kind Orville B. Croft.

Although it took a few pages, our youngest did eventually get sucked into the story. Your friendly neighborhood narrator was into it from page one, but I’m a sucker for Bill Peet books – especially the ones that rhyme. We didn’t love seeing the gun-toting farmers in a children’s book (there are a few in the Whingdingdilly as well), but only one of the farmers actually takes a shot at Harold – and the rest of the book, including the ending, is entertaining and heartwarming enough to get past it.

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