Day 41 – Valentine’s Day Is

For extended reading time tonight, our activity was making valentines. In honor of the approaching holiday, and to help explain the activity, our storybook this evening was “Valentine’s Day Is…” by Gail Gibbons.valentine

In Ms. Gibbons’ book we read a little of the the history behind Valentine’s day, heard about the symbols people typically associate with the holiday, and saw the many ways people celebrate it. There are colorful illustrations in the book and a simple enough narrative to keep younger listeners engaged while providing them a pretty thorough introduction to the holiday. At last, an explanation for all those pink and red hearts that appear all over Target shortly after New Year’s Day! Our little one was quite interested in this book, and loved making valentines after we read it.

As I have noted in prior posts, we have always been pleased to find good “storybooks” that are grounded in reality and provide information about how and why the world around us works the way it does. Gail Gibbons has written a slew of these kinds of books, most of which are available at our public library. I expect we will see her name come up frequently through the year.

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