Day 40 – My Little Sister Hugged an Ape

Every now and then I run into a storybook that causes me to step back and wonder how, exactly, the author got to this point. Equal parts silliness and outright absurdity, seasoned with a dash of gross-out, “My Little Sister Hugged an Ape” Hugged an apefalls into this perplexing category. In the book, the little sister of the title is enthusiastically – even recklessly – hugging her way through the alphabet in rhyming fashion. Along the way, she has a bug crawl up her nose, she inadvertently squeezes milk in her face while hugging a cow, an eel hangs from her nose “like a big glob of snot”, a newt crawls in her mouth, and a moose’s rear end falls off while she is hugging his neck. You see what I mean?

The rhymes do make it fun to read (and listen to), and the illustrations are colorful, goofy and appropriately hyperbolic. When she was younger, our oldest was a big fan of this book – which we checked out from the library multiple times. Our youngest now does not seem quite as enthralled. I think this book is an acquired taste…and I mean that in only the best way possible (bless it’s heart).

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