Day 39 – The Busy Body Book

We have always enjoyed finding fun, colorful, reality-based books that could capture our girls’ interest and help them understand a little bit more about the world around them. “The Busy Body Book” by Lizzy Rockwell falls in this category. busy bodySubtitled “A Kid’s Guide to Fitness”, the book shows all manner of ways in which kids can be active – and the various systems within their body that they employ or stimulate when they do so (skeletal, nervous, pulmonary, etc.)

Our youngest is particularly fond of this book; we have read it to her countless times. While she enjoys the entire book, her favorite two pages are at nearly the very end: a two-page spread of pictures showing children engaged in all kinds of physical activities. She gets a kick out of having one of us tell her what the child in each of the 40 illustrations is doing. I wish I could tell you exactly what it is about those two pages that captures her attention – but I rarely stop to ask the question; her glowing smile is the only explanation I need.

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