Day 36 – The Piggy in the Puddle

You can take the piggy out of the middle of the muddy little puddle, but you can’t take the muddy little puddle out of the piggy. At least, that’s what we learned from “The Piggy in the Puddle” by Charlotte Pomerantz.Piggy

We originally flagged this book for Global Belly Laugh Day – but didn’t obtain a copy in time. We’re very glad we inserted it in our 365 list, though. It was ooooooh so fun to read:

  • See the piggy
  • See the puddle
  • See the muddy little puddle
  • See the piggy in the middle
  • Of the muddy little puddle
  • See her dawdle, see her diddle
  • In the muddy, muddy middle.
  • See her waddle, plump and little,
  • In the very merry middle.

You see what I mean? And that’s just the first page! It’s a veritable party for your mouth.

After gleefully diving in, the little piggy is scolded by her mother, father, and brother about getting in the “muddy little puddle”…but one-by-one they each give in to their base urges and join her:

  • So they all dove way down derry
  • And were very, very merry.

And so shall you be – if you dare to add this book to YOUR read-aloud list.

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