Day 35 – That is NOT a Good Idea!

More Mo Willems tonight – and more giggles from our youngest…in large part because the book encouraged the reader (me) to really ham it up! The story, “That Is NOT A Good Ideal!” came complete with Mo Willems’ signature simple illustrations and goofy expressions that always seem to succeed in evoking a smile. Not good

The story takes place in an old-fashioned movie theater. The setting reminded me of the Nickelodeon exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago that I used to enjoy visiting when I was a kid. Several little chicks (goslings, I presume) are watching a movie that shows a mama goose apparently being led astray by a sly fox. At every new development in the story, the chicks cry out “That is NOT a good idea!” with increasing urgency…until their warnings are proven prescient – although not, perhaps, in the way the reader might expect.

All told – NOT reading this book with your kids is NOT a good idea…or, if you don’t like double-negatives: reading this book with your kids IS a good idea! And that is all I have to say about that.

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