More Nelly Dean

We were fortunate to be able to progress further this evening – both in Wuthering Heights and in James Hafley’s 1958 essay on Nelly Dean. We are only more confirmed in our antipathy for Nelly after tonight’s reading. Understanding Nelly as a villain has elevated Emily Bronte’s novel to a higher plane of achievement in my estimation. Tearing Nelly down and citing examples of her villainy have proven quite entertaining diversions over the past several days – during reading time or not. Alas, I fear we are learning some bad behavior from this book.

As of this evening, we are nearly 90% of the way through, and Nelly’s narration has now come to an end. What is to happen over the final chapters? Will Lockwood insert himself into the Earnshaw/Linton morass, will Miss Catherine marry Hareton, will Nelly Dean maintain her hold on the puppet strings?

We must also begin thinking of our next book…some lighter fare perhaps…like Jane Austen? We shall see…

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