Day 26 – Curious George and the Firefighters

It has been said that nothing in this world is certain but death and taxes. I would like to add to that list the fact that George is (a) a good little monkey, and (b) always very curious. Tonight we went with George on an adventure to the firehouse in Curioso“Curious George and the Firefighters.” Following a tried and true formula that should be familiar to all George readers, our book tonight found George curiously going where no monkey is supposed to go, at first getting in the way, but ultimately proving to be uniquely helpful. In this story, George jumps aboard the fire engine on the way to an actual fire, and after being reprimanded by the fire chief, he proceeds to distract and entertain all the frightened children with juggling and a massive game of catch. The version we read this evening is bilingual (Spanish and English).

I don’t think this particular story is one of the originals by Margaret & H.A. Rey; it is “illustrated in the style of” George’s creators, but I can’t find an author’s name anywhere in the book. Be that as it may – originals or not – we have always enjoyed reading these short and predictable but entertaining books.

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