Day 25 – Let’s Eat! / ¡A Comer!

We read another bilingual picture book tonight: “Let’s Eat! / ¡A Comer!” by Pat Mora.Let's Eat This storybook was particularly apt this evening, since we read it while sitting down to eat dinner together; as the note on the back cover says, “Sitting down and sharing – it’s the best part of the day”. After reading “Let’s Eat” in both Spanish and English, we shared what we liked best about the story. I personally liked the dog’s name: Tico. I shall save it for future use.

However, we all agreed that the real clincher – the “hook” if you will – was this: Tina looks at all the food on the table and says, “…We’re rich, aren’t we Dad?”…over the next several pages, Dad looks around the table at the food, at Mama and Grandma, at Tico, and at all three of his children and says, “Yes…We’re rich.” I think that sentiment fairly well sums up how all of us feel when we get a chance to sit down and enjoy reading together.

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