Day 24 – Global Belly Laugh Day

Bet you didn’t know that January 24 was Global Belly Laugh Day! Fortunately, we are here to alert you. In honor of this fabulous global holiday, we read three books carefully selected to evince belly laughs in our target audience…and they did not disappoint.

“There’s a Bird on Your Head” by Mo Willems came first, Bird on Headand our youngest really got a kick out of this one. It is an early reader book, so there aren’t a lot of words, but the story is very silly and the pictures are pretty funny. I expect, in fact I know, that we will have several more Mo Willems book in our 365 project this year.

“Make Way for Dumb Bunnies” was a case of judging Dumb Bunniesa book by it’s cover (and title) at the library, and contrary to the old adage – this approach worked well for us in this case. It helped that we knew the author (Dav Pilkey) from his “Dog Breath” book. In that same vein, Dumb Bunnies is very silly and our oldest laughed out loud several times.

“The Book With No Pictures” by BJ Novak came last, and I think it resulted in the most belly laughs of the night, book with no picturesagain from our oldest. Sticking with a common theme, it was absurd and very gratifying. The conceit of the book is that it has no pictures but is still entertaining because the person reading the book MUST say what is written on the pages…and it’s some pretty silly stuff.


Bottom line: out of these three books, if you are picking one for belly laughs, I would pick “There’s a Bird on Your Head” for children five and under, and “The Book With No Pictures” for children older than five.

Update: a couple evenings later, we got ahold of another book we had our eye on for Global Belly Laugh Day: “Dragons Love Tacos” by Adam Rubin. Dragons Love TacosThe book was recommended by the New York Public Library, and we found it entertaining and a worthy read aloud storybook, but not gut-busting as the NYPL entry suggested.

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