Day 23 – Annie and the Wild Animals

Another favorite tonight! “Annie and the Wild Animals” is a Jan Brett book – which means every page is full of beautiful illustrations. Annie and the Wild AnimalsMy favorite part of this particular story is how the author uses the illustrations in the margins of each page as foreshadowing. While reading tonight I paused on every page to ask our youngest to look at the margins to see if she could predict what was coming next – it did seem to keep her more engaged; she enjoys games where she and her mom or I are looking for things together…like the date and envelope for the book of the day.

We were able to get back to Wuthering Heights tonight as well – at least for a little while. We read long enough to get a good dose of the dysfunction in the Earnshaw household following the senior Mr. Earnshaw’s death. It’s a mess. Upon losing his wife shortly after childbirth, Hindley Earnshaw finds solace in the bottom of a bottle; his drinking and violent mood swings drive the rest of the family (including his son) away. Meanwhile, Catherine has grown to be a vain and headstrong young woman, abusive to the staff, and careful to wear different faces depending upon whether she is with Heathcliff or with Edgar Linton. Heathcliff has become even more brooding and resentful, and he doesn’t seem to have many redeeming characteristics himself, although I still find him the most sympathetic character in the house (with the possible exception of young Hareton).

I am looking forward to getting further into the book – I am already hooked, which surprises me because high school English class ruined the book for me the first time around…oh so many years ago.

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