Day 22 – Ten Little Puppies (Diez perritos)

We are divided in our opinion of tonight’s storybook: “Ten Little Puppies (Diez Perritos)” by Alma Flor Ada. Ten Little PuppiesIt was a book with which we were already familiar before we pulled the name from the envelope, but even familiar books are fun to “re-discover” when they come up. Majority opinion appears to be that it is a charming little rhyming book, because…puppies? Also, the book is written in Spanish and English, which is nice if you can read Spanish (as our oldest can, and did this evening).

In my opinion, this is a story of neglect. A young girl who obviously has no business having her own pack of puppies, proceeds to steadily lose them one-by-one and page-by-page. One runs off in a snowstorm, another is abandoned at the baker’s, a little dalmatian leaps into the lake (maybe to get away from this little girl), and she leaves one little puppy at the vet’s office because of the flu (?!?). Eventually, she has only one dog, whom she loves dearly…and stuff. Good thing for that dog that the book ended, otherwise she’d have lost him at the park on the next page!

In truth, we all enjoy this book. The rhyme scheme is a bit cumbersome (and more repetitive than rhyme-y sometimes). However, it gets extra points for being bi-lingual, having cute illustrations and…well: puppies.


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