Day 19 – To Market, To Market

Our book tonight, “To Market, To Market” by Nikki McClure,To Market follows a family as they make their weekly trip to the local farmer’s market. They have their list, and as they work their way through the market checking things off, we learned about how each of the items was grown, prepared, or created. They shop for apples, kale, smoked salmon, honey, blueberry pastries, goat cheese, and batik indigo-dyed napkins. The artwork really drew us in – dark ink drawings accented with a splash of accent color (a different color for each item on the list). The book conveys a sense of community and gave us an appreciation for the craftsmanship that went into each of the items on the list.

For extended read-aloud tonight, we began “Wuthering Heights” by Emily Brontë, a classic tale of lost love (as I remembered it) and revenge. WutheringThus far this evening we were introduced to our narrator, Mr. Lockwood, and the ill tempered denizens of Wuthering Heights. Mr. Lockwood is staying at Thrushcross Grange on the estate of Mr. Heathcliff, and has walked to his landlord’s home to introduce himself. Aside from the housekeeper, there does not seem to be an agreeable, well-adjusted character in the house. A snow storm makes Mr. Lockwood a prisoner at Wuthering Heights overnight, where he dreams (or meets?) the ghost of Catherine Linton at an open window in his bedroom. His curiosity about his brooding host is piqued during his stay, not the least due to the strained relationships between Heathcliff and the other family members in his house.

I think this is going to be a fun read, and I expect our oldest in particular will be captivated. For myself, the accents were also a nice change from our tour of the antebellum South over the last several weeks. We did have to stop at one point this evening and draw out on our chalkboard the relationship between the inhabitants of Wuthering Heights (complete with a very angry-looking stick-figure-Heathcliff).


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