Day 10 – Caillou Walks His Dog

This evening we encountered our first Caillou book (at least, our first Caillou book on our 365 list).Caillou Walks His Dog Okay – I’ll be honest here: the big people in our house are not Caillou fans. However, our youngest really enjoys these books, and we have a number of them spread around the house and in our cars. The straightforward story and simple illustrations (all decked out in primary colors) will be familiar to anyone who has watched an episode of Caillou on TV. In fact, I think that the stories in these books are just adaptations of television episodes.

During extended read-aloud, Huck has escaped imprisonment in his father’s cabin and has headed out on what will become his grand adventure down the river. In a maneuver worthy of his pal, Tom Sawyer, Huck ransacks the cabin and stages his own murder before fleeing, in order to put his father and the townspeople off his trail. While camped out on Jackson’s Island, a few miles down river from town, Huck encounters Jim – who is on the run to avoid being sold down the river to New Orleans by his owner Miss Watson (for eight-hundred dollars).

Huck Finn has been fun so far, although the material is a little bit more serious than in Tom Sawyer, and some of the vernacular is a little bit harder to read aloud. I must pause periodically and say the words in my head so that I am sure about what I am about to read. I have no doubt it will be worth the challenge.


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