Day 6 – Building Our House

Day 6 of our storybook year included an evening trip to the downtown library, which was a blast. It had been a while since any of us had been there, but we broke our library cards back in and expect to be using them quite a bit more. Building Our HouseOur trip netted us several new books, one of which we read this evening: “Building Our House” by Jonathan Bean, all about how he and his family decided to move out to the country and built a brand new house in a field that his parents had purchased from a farmer. They live out of a trailer for a year as they lay the foundation, and raise a frame (with the help of friends and family). Eventually, they are able to move inside where they finish building out their new country home. It is a neat book, and a romantic concept – although we all agreed that we would prefer to find a field with a house already on it!

We discovered Mr. Bean and his work on a site called “Read Aloud Revival” when looking for new books to add to our monthly reading lists. RAR-Banner1We have only been on their forum for a couple days, but it appears to be a great resource for families looking to have more read-aloud time. The¬†author of today’s book, Jonathan Bean, will actually be on their forum live for an “author event” this month, and we are all looking forward to it – so we wanted to add a couple of his books to our January reading list in anticipation. If you have previously downloaded our January List, you may want to grab it again as a couple of the books on the list have been removed to make room for Mr. Bean.

We also spent some time this evening with Mr. Thomas Sawyer, who is back from his piratical adventure and – by the end of our evening, at least – appeared to have made amends with Becky Thatcher. Each had decided to play hard-to-get in turns, but a noble act by Tom sets everything back in order. We have also decided that Aunt Polly, for all her bluster and periodic cuffings, is an incurable softie when it comes to Tom.


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