Day 3 – Turtle in the Sea

Our day three book (entered a little late…sorry, mom!) was “Turtle in the Sea” by Jim Turtle in the SeaArnosky. Arnosky has a whole series of picture books about animals in the wild. The illustrations in his books are very colorful, and his books have stories that are compelling to little ones while being full of information about how these animals actually live. Turtle in the Sea tells the story of a mother turtle on her way to lay her eggs on the beach, flashing back to the various events in her life that led to the scratches and scars covering her shell.

Our extended reading book was Tom Sawyer again. Last night deadcatTom and Huck witnessed a murder at the graveyard, where they had both gone in order to…bear with me here…throw a dead cat after some evil spirits so that the evil spirits would take away their warts. Seriously. The best part, by far, came before the graveyard as the two boys were swapping stories about all the ways they figured you could get rid of warts. Good stuff! The picture of the boys looking at a dead cat is one of many Tom Sawyer paintings by Norman Rockwell.


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